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watching a food show where they are at a deli that serves short rib pierogi....

I want some...

Well... color me confused

I fixed a ceramic bell for my boss. She made it in 1976 and her daughter asked if she could have it. I put in a clapper with a chopstick. She asked how much was it to fix. I said nothing... it was a chopstick and glue.... and she gave me a big hug. That surprised me

We have it a few days of winter weather... Cold enough to bring out the long winter coat.

Cold enough for my skin to hate me.

Do you get winter dry skin? If so how do you deal with it.

Lotions do not help and an oil bath just won't do ;-P

Just wondering...

What is your favorite type of take out food?

What was the last movie you watched...it can be at home or at the movies.

Do you like board games?

Favorite take out is a toss between pizza and Chinese food. I probably get more pizza because I also like to go out for Chinese food and about 33% of the restaurants in my city are Chinese food places.

The Loan Ranger..the latest one with Johny Depp. It was weird...

I remember playing board games with my Mom, Grandmother, and Texas Uncle. Scrabble was my favorite.

Just wondering...

Brussel Sprouts...Yummy or yucky?

Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?

What did you have for dinner?

I have recently fallen in love with Brussel Sprouts. Ma and Grammy never cooked them. I am finding different ways to cook the. I roast them. Cook them in a skillet with apples and onions. I have a recipe that pairs them with butternut squash. I can't get Dad to eat them.

I don't mind wrapping.... I do not like boxing things up for shipping. I hate packing peanuts. I don't buy them. I try and send them back to who sent them to me. I succeeded today.

I had left over meatloaf... a turkey BBQ meatloaf. I also had cauliflower that was made to look like mashed potatoes...not bad as I added a fair amount of cheese.
Finally putting my feet up. I have been working since 5 AM and it is now 9:49 PM.

Finished wrapping the gifts to my sister and friends....3 hrs... and I sent the packing peanuts that she sent back to her.

Dear Santa... I need an elf to help me straighten out my house....
Dad is stringing lights on the wee tree.

He wanted to use the old family ornaments instead of mine. I will mix.

It hurt to see Ma's handwriting on the boxes. She labeled everything. These boxes have not been out in 15 years. She gave up on the season saying she found Christmas sad. I understand now. I have lost most of the people I celebrated the holiday with.

Tonight I am wrapping the gifts that get mailed out of state. Tomorrow I take them to the post office.

I would like to be doing down stairs, but the dining room table is in a room alone and I can't watch TV, and I can't listen to a radio as Dad watches his TV...which I cannot see from the table. I will have to buy a folding table for down there to work on things and then store it under the sofa, or his bed.

I think I want a drink...

Dec. 11th, 2017

Tonight at the shelter we had a 125 pound 10 month old yellow lab. Oh My. He looks like a perfect 5 year old lab... He is very smart and wants to please, but He has not been taught any manners. He does know "sit" and "down", but that is it. He lived with a family in a tiny 2 room apartment and was kept on the balcony. The building does allow dogs, but dogs under 40 pounds. The other tenants turned them in because the dog was living on the balcony. People who owned him suck.

The dog takes two people to walk. He is wicked smart and uses his nose a lot. He is also not fixed so I suggested that maybe we call the police and see if they are looking for a young dog to train. It would be good to get this guy some structured training as soon as possible. What makes this young dog different than the dog we had to put down is that while he is strong he is not mouthy. Lets hope that being in the shelter does not stress him to and make him a jerk.
So now I find that my annual female exam is not covered... even though it always has been... even though I have insurance that has not changed since Trump came in.

Any of the cancer testings they want me to have next year are also not covered.

So... I guess I pay for insurance just to die poorer and not be able to afford heating oil.

I am the middle class being nickled and dimed to death... It's like being pecked to death by ducks.

and the Asthma inhaler for the cat does not work for him.

If I go to jail for something I won't have to work, get medical stuff looked at and I might be able to finally just draw and paint...

Just wondering...

What is the weirdest Christmas Grab gift you have ever gotten?

Do you have a usual bed time, or do you just keep going until you are tired?

what type of books do you like to read?

Last year I received a water bottle with a picture of poop on it. Strange for a corporate Christmas party. Luckily someone else had a 10 year old son that said that they would love it.

I try to go to bed by 11:30 PM... a bit late since I get up at 4 AM, but I some times I can't sleep longer than 4 hours...and other times I fall asleep in my chair.

Right now I like Historical Mysteries.